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Add Webpage Tracking to Your Site - Weebly
Add Webpage Tracking to Your Site - Weebly

Adding webpage tracking to your Weebly site to begin tracking your contacts is easy. Learn how!

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Head to Tools > Webpage Tracking

Click the button "Tracking Code" –

A modal box will appear that provides your unique tracking script. If you require EU privacy compliance, be sure to select that box. Then "Copy to Clipboard" –

Within your Weebly admin portal:

  • Go to the Settings tab at the top of the page.

  • Click on the SEO tab on the left.

  • Paste the script from your webpage tracking in BenchmarkONE into the Footer area provided.

This will apply the tracking code to every page of your website - you do not need to do this to each individual page.

BenchmarkONE Tips: 

  • Add yourself as a user in the database, become a Tracked Contact* (by either filling out a form, or clicking a link from a BenchmarkONE email) then navigate through every page in your site to pull them in all at once.

  • Next, add a title and automations to each page that has been pulled in to BenchmarkONE. Best practice: Think about your segments and add tags to your webpages that reflect those segments (ex: add a Red Wine tag to your webpage dedicated to Red Wine). That way visitors to the site will rack up that tag and auto-segment themselves into Red Wine lovers! 

IMPORTANT: Tracked Contacts*

BenchmarkONE drops cookies on individual web browsers in order to track their visits to your website. Because of this, we ONLY track 2 types of people:

  • People who click on links within your emails sent out of BenchmarkONE

  • People who fill out your BenchmarkONE online form

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