If you are using a Tag Comb or Tag Checkbox in one of our forms, you probably know by the now that when the contact makes a selection on the form, a tag will be placed on their contact record.

Example: A contact selects that they are interested in "Classes" - BenchmarkONE will place the tag "Classes" on their contact record.

However, for internal purposes you may decide that while the form displays "Classes" to the contact filling out the form, you would like the form to input "Group Classes" in your database.

You can easily access and manipulate the code to change the way that the Tag is input into BenchmarkONE.

On the right hand side Select Use the HTML/CSS Code

Within the code, find the tag you'd like to change (Classes in our example)

Label = What shows up on the form (Classes)

Value = What is passed to the code, or submitted (Group Classes)

Now when you place the form on your website or landing page, Classes would display as the tag option to the contact, but would submit into your database as Group Classes.

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