One of the most exciting parts of running your business is closing deals! With BenchmarkONE, we give you the ability to customize, track, manage and close deals easily with our Deals module.

But, what is a deal?

In the BenchmarkONE world, a deal is the sales process for each customer. It usually starts when a potential customer raises their hand and says, "I am interested in learning more about your product."

Note: Keep potential customers who are less ready to buy and have not expressed specific interest out of your deal pipeline. You want the pipeline to reflect REAL sales opportunities for your team.

How do I use deals?

As the customer moves through the stages of the buying process for your business, your sales team moves them through the pipeline. For example, when you were in the BenchmarkONE sales process, you went through the stages of Demo Requested, Demo Completed, Won.

Best practice: Include some stages to report deals you have lost. Many of our clients use a "Lost" and potentially an "MIA (missing in action)" bucket. The prospects who fall off in the sales process are still great opportunities for further nurturing - keeping your company top of mind for them.

The amazing thing about BenchmarkONE deals is that they are filled with great reporting capabilities that you (and your boss) can use to help adjust your strategy and win more business!

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