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Add Automations to Webpages
Add Automations to Webpages

Add automations to each webpage to further segment your contacts based on their interests and behavior.

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You'll be ready to add automations to your webpages once you have the tracking code placed on your site and your webpages pulled into BenchmarkONE! These automations can help you send the right information to the right people at the right time, increasing your contact's engagement with your marketing efforts and increasing sales!Β 

Keep in mind, we can only track the activity of contacts who have either filled out a BenchmarkONE form or have clicked a link from a BenchmarkONE email.

Adding Automations:

Click into the specific page that you would like to add automations to, then use the "Edit Automations" button to open the automation editor.

Next, click the "+ New Automation" button to open the modal box of available automations –

Choose which automations you would like to automatically trigger once a tracked contact visits that page. You can add more than one to each webpage!

  • Best practice: Think about your segments and add tags to your webpages that reflect those segments. For example, add an interest tag to your webpage dedicated to that particular product/service (Tag: Red Wine Interest). Doing this will ensure visitors to your site will rack up that tag and auto-segment themselves.

As you add your automation(s), you can specify if you'd like them to be triggered based on every visit or just the first time that contact visits the page –

When you have finished applying your automations, click "Finish" to save.

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