Create a Deal Manually

Create a deal for contacts manually through the contact record, contact list view or deals tab.

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When someone says they are interested in your product, you are going to want to add them into your deal pipeline and track those dollars right into your pocket!

Create a Deal for a Single Contact - Manual

Navigate to the Contact Record of the person who has expressed interest in your product/service.

Click on the Deals tab within the contact's record and then + Create a new deal:

You will see this screen when creating a new deal:

Required fields include:

  • Name - Use a specific name for this deal so you can reference it in reports and in your Deals tab

  • Sales Rep - This will default to the user logged in. If you are creating a deal for someone else, select the appropriate sales rep from the list.

  • Stage - You will chose from a list of the stages in your pipeline

  • Value - Enter a value for this deal. There is no right or wrong here. Some customers use an average value, a specific value if they know the service of the deal, or use a "0" until they can discover more information. 

  • Close Date - Enter a date for when you expect this deal to close. This date can always be updated later, so if you are unsure just use an average close date (i.e. 30 days).

Other fields:

  • Win Probability - If you entered this when creating the deal stages, the probability will populate based on the stage selected. This can always be adjusted upon the creation of the deal as well. Win probability is used to report the expected revenue over a certain period of time. 

  • Lead Source - This is one of the most helpful reports for determining ROI on your marketing efforts. How did this contact enter your sales pipeline? 

  • Custom Fields - Any custom fields created in account settings will fall under this header. 

Choose Add Deal to complete the deal creation for the contact. The deal will now appear in the Deals tab in the contact record and in the Deals Tab.

Create a Deal for Multiple Contacts - Manual

Create one deal for multiple contacts at once from the Contact List View. 

  • Select which contacts should be added to this deal

  • Click the Actions dropdown > Create New Deal

Then follow all the same steps as above but NOTE: 

  • You need to choose a primary contact for this deal as one will not auto-populate.

  • The contact's sales rep will not auto-populate, so be sure to add which rep this deal should be tied to.

Create a Deal from the Deals Tab - Manual

Head to the Deals Tab and use the + $ Add button

Then follow the same steps as above in "Creating a Deal for a Single Contact - Manual"

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