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Bulk Edit Deal Fields

Update the status, sales rep, value, forecasted close date, win probability, and lead source for multiple deals at once.

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With this time saver you can update the status or other fields of several deals at once with these simple steps:

  • Filter your deals by stage, amount, sales rep, or any other field of your choosing.

  • Next, select the deals you'd like to update; you can select all by checking the box next to "deal name" or individual deals by checking the box next to the Deal Title.

  • Using the "Actions" drop down menu select "Update Deal Record"

  • A pop-up box will now appear allowing you to edit the Status, Sales Rep, Value, Forecasted Close Date, Win Probability %, and Lead Source for all of the Deals selected

Once you have updated all necessary fields click the "update records" button to save your changes.

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