BenchmarkONE gives you the ability to easily export a filtered list or all of your Deals into a CSV file.

1) Navigate to the Deals tab.

2) Select the Deal(s) from the list view that you would like to export (or check the box to 'Deal Name' to select all).

3) Use the "Actions" button and select Export Deals.

4) A pop up box will appear with the number of Deals you selected in the heading. Click the button EXPORT DEALS and they will be downloaded to a CSV file.

This Export will include:

  • Deal ID

  • Deal Name

  • Company Name

  • Description

  • Sales Rep

  • Stage

  • Amount

  • Close Date

  • Win Probability

  • Lead Source

  • Lost Reason

  • Created Date

  • Lost Reason Comments

  • Account Company ID

  • Any custom deal fields you created

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