Zapier is an amazing solution that allows you to connect and integrate the web apps you currently use, taking advantage of already-programmed API connections.

Whether you use BenchmarkONE on the Trigger or Action side, you'll be able to send and/or receive data on the contact level (including contact custom fields!). In order to push information OUT of BenchmarkONE you will first need to create a webhook in BenchmarkONE using Zapier.

What is a webhook?

  • An easy way to provide real time updates from app to app

  • The first step when working with a webhook is to provide a URL to deliver requests to - we will be using Zapier for this.

*Be sure you've already set up your Zap in Zapier and have that turned on in order to enable that webhook in your account. For some help doing that, click here.

Where to find your Webhooks

Go to Account Settings > Data > Webhooks. Here you can view the webhook(s) that you created in Zapier. You can also delete or rename a webhook from this area.

Using Webhooks

Once the Zap is created in Zapier and the webhook has been added to BenchmarkONE, you'll have the ability to add those webhooks anywhere you would normally add automations. This might be as a part of campaign, a tag rule, a link automation, a form submission or even a website visit. The possibilities are endless!

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