BenchmarkONE actions and automations are a great way to update your contacts, companies and deals, and trigger different sequences to occur!


Automations are triggered by form submissions, webpage visits, links clicked within emails, and sequences. Here are the automations available:

  • Send an Email - You can send an email template you have created to the contact from a specific user or from the contact's sales rep.

  • Adjust Contact Score - Manually add or subtract points from a contact score.

  • Start a Campaign - Kick off a campaign for a contact and choose to skip this step if the contact has received the campaign previously.

  • Stop a Campaign - Stop a specific campaign or all campaigns running for a contact.

  • Tag a Contact - Add an existing tag or create a new one on the fly.

  • Remove Tag from Contact - Remove any tag from a contact record that is already added to their record.

  • Update Contact Record - You can update contact status, sales rep, temperature, lead source, and/or referral source.

  • Update a Custom Field - You can update any custom field you have created in your database with specific data you determine.

  • Create Task - Create a personalized task associated to the contact and assign it to a specific user or the contact's sales rep. This notification will only be received in the "task" section of BenchmarkONE.

  • Create A Note - Add helpful information into the notes section for contacts.

  • Send Notification - Send a personalized notification to a specific user, the contact's sales rep or an outside email address. You may also send the notification to multiple users if you separate their email addresses by commas in the "Email Address" text area.
    This notification differs from a task, as a notification is sent via email. You will set the subject line and body of the notification, so injecting personalization fields in both are available. If this is an action on a form, you may include the form data in the notification.

  • Create a Deal - Create a deal with important sales information and assign it to a specific user or the contact's sales rep.

  • Add to Event - You can create a new event or apply an existing one, choose how often the event should run and assign a campaign to the event. Events allow you to easily trigger emails/campaign around a specific date and time.

  • Remove from Event - Remove the contacts from an event. You will also have the option to only remove if the event has passed.

  • Unsubscribe Contact - You can unsubscribe a contact from all future email correspondence, including campaigns. This will also stop all future campaigns scheduled to be sent.

  • Send Webhook - Use this in conjunction with Zapier to push information from BenchmarkONE to other solutions you use.

** Note that setting automations means the same sequence will occur for every contact.

Main Actions

Actions are applied manually from the contacts, companies and deals tabs. Select your contacts, companies or deals, and then use the Actions dropdown to complete a group action on those records.

Contact List View Actions:

Company List View Actions:

Deal List View Actions:

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