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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Emails
Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Emails

Overview article on creating emails, including basic editor, drag & drop and using your own HTML code.

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-- If you prefer a video walk through, check out these videos:
Basic Editor, Drag and Drop Editor, HTML Emails

To create an email template, head to Emails > Email Templates.

In the upper right hand corner select the button + New Email Template.

The left column has a few options you can choose to start from

1) My Email Templates
You can load one of your previously created emails

2) Pre-designed Templates
Choosing the pre-designed option will open up a library of designed templates.

3) Start from Scratch
Select the type of template that you would like to start with to build your email from scratch.

Basic Editor - Blank 

Use the basic editor when you want to send a simple text-based email. This looks very personal and mimics an email you would send from your regular email client.

You can also use the basic editor if you have a newsletter already designed and have the HTML code, or if you would like to code your email from scratch.

Drag & Drop Email Builder

The drag and drop builder is great when you want to create a unique, custom newsletter-style email template. It allows you to easily drag and drop content and images to fully customize the style of the template.

4) Saved Draft
Here you can retrieve emails you've started and never quite finished.

To use a saved draft, select the template from your list view and then click "Continue." You will be brought into the appropriate email builder and can make any changes or edits necessary.

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