BCC Email Integration

Send emails into BenchmarkONE and store them as notes on a contact record without having to copy and paste.

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-- If you prefer a video walk through, check out this video.

What it does:
BenchmarkONE's BCC functionality allows you to send emails into BenchmarkONE and store them as Notes on a Contact Record without copying and pasting. BenchmarkONE can also create a new contact record if the email you are adding comes from a person that is not already in your database.

How it Works:

  • Navigate to: Account Settings > My Info > BCC email 

  • You can either forward an email to this address or BCC/CC this address on any email you are sending.

  • BenchmarkONE will receive the email and create a note on the corresponding contact record.

  • You can also Generate New Email Address at any time should this one become public for some reason

  • If the email was from a new contact that is not currently in your database, and you would like BenchmarkONE to create a new contact for you, simply turn on the“Create New Record” toggle and assign a default status

A few notes:

  • If you plan to forward or BCC/CC from any address other than the one on your user profile, please add them

  • Your Personal BenchmarkONE Email Address will not work with any address that is not listed here

  • The email integration feature does not update email addresses, names, or contact information on your existing contact records. It only adds emails as notes and creates new contact records.

  • Emails that are added as notes to contact records cannot be manually edited in any way.

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