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Using Zapier
Zapier: Setting up a Zap
Zapier: Setting up a Zap

Zapier allows you to connect and integrate web apps you currently use, taking advantage of already-programmed API connections.

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 Whether you use BenchmarkONE on the Trigger or Action side, you'll be able to send and/or receive data on the contact level (including contact custom fields!).

Before you start, retrieve your BenchmarkONE API key head to: Account Settings > Data > API > Generate New API Key

Then set up your Zap in Zapier:

Choose a Trigger

  • Click "Make a Zap" within Zapier and choose which application will be on the Trigger side. You may also select "Use this Zap" from our integrations page which can be found by going to Account Settings > Integrations

  • Choose a 'Trigger App' where the automation will initiate.

  • Choose a 'Trigger' which is the condition that starts a series of automations within BenchmarkONE.

  • Connect your Account. You can either connect a new Account or choose from an existing one.

  • Test your Zap and make sure everything in connected properly.

Choose an Action 

  • Choose an App where the "effect" or automations will take place

  • If BenchmarkONE is your trigger app, Select "BenchmarkONE" from the integration list. 

  • Choose the Action, or, what will be triggered in BenchmarkONE. Your Available Actions are: 

  1. Create/Update Contact - this will create a new contact in BenchmarkONE or updating an existing contact

  2. Add a Tag - this action will create a contact (if one doesn’t already exist in BenchmarkONE) and add a tag to their record. Remember: With Tag Rules, you have access to all the automation functionality within BenchmarkONE by using this action

  • Connect your Account. When connecting, you will see this prompt, enter your API key that you grabbed at the beginning

  • Setup your template: this is where you will identify which fields will be passed into BenchmarkONE.

  • Here are some guidelines for mapping your BenchmarkONE actions:

  1. Always make sure to select an email address and type and choose a Contact Status for every action you create. These fields are required.

  2. You can use the zap to create a new tag OR copy one from your database

  3. Note that any contact added, updated, or tagged through Zapier will be assigned to the sales rep whose API key was used

Here are some screenshots of action set ups:

Create/Update Contact

Add Tag

Add a note

Zaps to Try:

Take a look at their list of available apps, or head to the Integrations section of BenchmarkONE (Account Settings > Integrations) for pre-built Zaps you can quickly use.

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