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Setting Up Automations: Link Automations in Emails
Setting Up Automations: Link Automations in Emails

Learn how to set up automations based on email link clicks.

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Setting up link automations in your emails is an essential function of the BenchmarkONE system. You are using BenchmarkONE to automate your marketing process and save you time, so you should definitely take advantage of this feature!

You can set automations on email templates or on emails you create on the fly. Our system will always detect every link included in the email and allow you to add automations to each. 

You will want to determine which automations you would like to occur when someone clicks that link. Here are the available automations: 

Think about what each link is related to in your business model.

  • Are you simply sending them to your homepage? Maybe add a "Visited Website" tag for this link.

  • Is the link related to a specific product your contact is engaging with? Consider tagging the contact with an "XYZ Interest" tag.

  • If the link is a greater call to action, like scheduling a demo or a meeting, maybe you want to adjust their Contact Score, move them up in the Contact Status pipeline (example: from a cold lead to a prospect), and Create a Task for your salesperson to give them a call.

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