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Using your Partner Template Library
Using your Partner Template Library

The Template Library Account is your designated content creation center.

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The email templates you create in this account will fill out your clients’ pre-designed templates folder (and remove BenchmarkONE's pre-designed templates) – which can be continuously updated! This is also a great area to develop new content to push to existing accounts through our Database Duplication feature.

The opportunity to create an entire library of pre-designed email templates can seem like a daunting task for some and an exciting adventure for others. If it’s the former for you, don’t sweat it. Every BenchmarkONE database comes pre-populated with over 50 professionally designed email templates. But, if you’re an email guru looking to design your own, you have the ability to design and manage your own template library for clients - just a heads up, this will clear out BenchmarkONE’s library.

To do this, create your emails in the Template Library Account, then, head to your Partner Portal and make sure to toggle the switch to “Yes” to manage your own templates.

Tips for Success: Don’t use the Template Library Account for anything other than email templates intended for the pre-designed folder of your client accounts. These will be pushed automatically once completed

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