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Using and Setting up your Partner Demo Account
Using and Setting up your Partner Demo Account

The trick to building out a successful demo account is to demonstrate maximum functionality with minimal moving pieces.

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Getting your Partner Demo account “demo-ready” will take a little bit of time and effort to set up, but will help you be much more effective at showing small business prospects the benefits of partnering with you and BenchmarkONE.

Stick to building out the core components (contact records, campaigns, basic reporting data) before filling out other elements (tag scores, email and forms with automations, contact activity).

Resources for filling out your Demo Account

Demo Topics:
Everyone will have different favorite parts of the app, but regardless, here is a good flow of topics you should consider covering in a 30-minute demonstration:

  • Import or add contacts manually

  • Capture contacts with the form builder

  • Track contacts with webpage tracking

  • Introduce automations that can be triggered by form submissions or link clicks

  • Demonstrate contact search and global search filters

  • Tour scores, notes, and activity in individual contact records

  • Track deals with the deals pipeline

  • Building text-based, drag & drop, and predesigned emails

  • Putting together a multi-step email campaign

  • Sending emails and starting contacts on campaigns

  • Tracking activity through reporting

  • Monitor the activity stream, scheduled emails and scheduled campaigns from the dashboard

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