-- If you need a full rundown on Contact Scoring in BenchmarkONE, check out this article!

Contact Scoring is a really helpful tool to measure the engagement levels of your contacts. There are scoring options already configured in the database to get you going, but you can give contacts extra points based on a specific action they take while engaging with you. Trigger a contact score automation through:

  • Email Link Clicks

  • Online Forms

  • Webpage Tracking

  • Campaigns

  • Sequences

Here are a few examples:

Increasing Contact Score Within a Campaign
This would be a great idea if you assume that anyone who makes it through your prospecting campaign should be given points.

Increasing Contact Score With a Link Click
Let's say you have an extremely important PDF or link within your email. You may consider adding points to your contacts that engage to easily filter later by your most engaged contacts.

Increasing Contact Score With Form Submission
If you have an online form that is requesting information about a specific product, you may want to boost the contact score of contacts who submit the form.

Increasing Contact Score With Webpage Visits
If a contact visits an important page on your website (ex: pricing page), maybe you want to increase the contact score to show they are a hotter opportunity.

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