Campaigns: Adding Steps

Quick walk through for adding steps to a current campaign.

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-- View this article for a Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Campaign.

Adding Steps to your Campaign:

You will find the Automation page after you set up your basic information for the Campaign (Name, Description, etc.)

Click on New Automation and a pop up will appear, allowing you to choose your automation:

You can choose which Day you would like this step to occur and specify the action (e.g. which Email Template you would like to send, what Campaign you would like to stop, what field you would like to update in the Contact Record, etc.)

Once you have defined your campaign step, click Add Step and it will appear in the Campaign Steps list, like below:

  • Edit or delete a step by clicking on the pencil-shaped icon at the far right.

  • Type directly into the "day" boxes on the left to change the day you'd like that step to occur.

  • Drag and drop campaign steps to switch up your order using the 3 line icon to the left of the day column.

  • Add additional steps by clicking + New Automation or use the + icons above or below current steps in the campaign. 

Select Finish to save and close!

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