BenchmarkONE knows your business isn't one size fits all! Customize your database to make our software fit YOUR needs.

Contact Scoring

  • Select time period to determine contact score (7 days, 30 days, 90 days)

  • Edit point values for each activity

Learn more about Contact Scoring.

Contact Status

Edit contact status names, follow up and general status buckets.

Learn more about Contact Statuses.

Company Status

Edit company status names and general status buckets.

Learn more about associated companies.

Deal Stages

Edit name of your deal stages, general status buckets and default close probabilities.

Learn more about Deal Stages.


  • Create new tags [+ New Tag]

  • Delete old tags [click the x and remove]

  • Edit current tags [double click into any tag pill to edit and save]

Learn more about using Tags.

Lead Sources

Edit your lead sources. You can select a lead source upon import or manually add or edit per contact, company and deal.

Learn more about Lead Sources.

Custom Fields

Edit custom fields for your contacts, companies and deals

Custom Field types include Single Line Text, Dropdown, Date, Date and Time, Paragraph & Numeric.

Learn more about Custom Fields.


Create new or edit previous events

  • Events are great for tracking webinars, Birthdays, Renewal Dates & more

  • You can tie events to event based campaigns and schedule your emails before and after a particular event.

Learn more about Events.


Edit products and product categories.

Learn more about Products and Purchases.

Contact Temperature

Edit contact temperature.

Deal Lost Reasons

Edit the reasons for deals lost. Deal lost reasons feed into sales reports for better insight.

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