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BenchmarkONE's Integrations
BenchmarkONE's Integrations

We've made the process of connecting other platforms to BenchmarkONE super simple using Zapier.

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Through Zapier you'll be able to connect and integrate other web apps you currently use, taking advantage of already-programmed API connections. Here's a bit more about Zapier.

You can access these pre-built Zaps right from your account. Head to your Integrations section by going to: Account Settings > Integrations. Here we've added tons of Zaps ready for you to use and have organized these solutions by their different functions.

While these Zaps are ready to go, there may still be a bit of work necessary on your end, especially if this is your first time using Zapier. Here's information on the general set up and where you find your API key within BenchmarkONE.

***Zapier is a pay-per-integration solution. Although very affordable, be aware that more than 5 Zaps will incur a cost. Here is their pricing page.

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