Deals: Create a Deal Automatically

BenchmarkONE helps you automate deal processes that you used to do manually!

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First, consider what step in your process equates to a person saying, "I want to hear more about what you are selling." For example, when you filled out the BenchmarkONE Demo Request Form, we automatically created a deal for you and put you in the "Demo Requested" stage.

You can automate the creation of a deal through a form submission, webpage visit, link click, campaign step, or from a tag rule being triggered.

When you choose to Create a Deal from the automation menus, you will see this screen:

Required fields include:

  • Name - Choose a name for all your Deals that come through this specific source. You can use the "Personalize" fields to pull information from the contact's record.

  • Sales Rep - Choose to either assign it to the sales rep assigned to the specific contact, or assign it to a specific user.

  • Stage - You will chose from a list of the stages in your pipeline. Everyone who has this deal created automatically will all begin in the same stage.

  • Value - Enter a value for this deal. There is no right or wrong here. Some customers use an average value, a specific value if they know the service of the deal, or use a "0" until they can discover more information.

  • Forecasted Days Until Close - Enter a number of days that you expect this deal to close. This date can always be updated later, so if you are unsure just use an average number (i.e. 30 days).

  • Win Probability - If you entered this when creating the deal stages, the probability will populate based on the deal stage selected. Win probability is used to report the expected revenue over a certain period of time.

Other fields:

  • Lead Source - This is one of the most helpful reports for determining ROI on your marketing efforts. How did this contact enter your sales pipeline?

  • Description - This is internal to your company and can be used as needed.

  • Custom Fields - Any custom fields created in account settings will be listed.

** You can also choose to only run this the first time they fill out the form to prevent duplicates.

Tip: Make sure to also add a Notification or Task to trigger so your sales reps are notified of these new deals and prospects don't slip through the cracks!

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