Walk through the tools and features BenchmarkONE offers that will benefit your sales team and ensure no prospect falls through the cracks!

Topics Covered: 

  • Optimization of your sales pipeline 

  • Advantages of automation in the sales process 

  • Using tasks to stay up-to-date with your prospects 

  • Leveraging BenchmarkONE deals for your business



Can we add more "Value" fields to the Deals page? For example, Sign Up Fees, Monthly Revenue, Annual Revenue.
You cannot add any additional value fields, however you can create custom fields within deals to keep data like this handy. Keep in mind this data will not funnel into the deal reports.

What is the Prospect stage vs the Won/Lost stages for Deals?
This is a general status. While this is not displayed in your pipeline, it helps our database organize the information correctly and connect to reports. You can have multiple deal stages that are won (won - monthly contract; won - annual), multiple stages under your prospect status (pending; tour completed; proposal sent), and multiple stages that are lost (lost - competitor; lost - not ready).

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