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Navigating BenchmarkONE for B2B Businesses
Navigating BenchmarkONE for B2B Businesses

Bringing BenchmarkONE functionality full circle for your B2B business.

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Bringing BenchmarkONE functionality full circle for your business.


  • Follow a sample B2B company from beginning to end 

  • Discuss complete sales & marketing strategy 

  • Take a deep dive into BenchmarkONE features and best practices 



What if you have several 'ideal' buyers?
You might have different messaging for each buyer, so would want to make sure to have separate campaigns for each buyer. On the marketing side, you might even have different landing pages per buyer, and therefore separate forms (leveraging different guides, ebooks, etc.) Then when leads come in, they can be started on a flow specific to them. 

Is segment info (such as number of employees & industry vertical) that is entered in the "Company" profile available in the contact specific profile?
No, company-level info is only viewed on the company record. You can filter and sort by this data on the company list or on the contact list (using a company filter). So you can filter out contact records associated to a company with that data.

When you send a blog, do you send an excerpt and then link them to the website/blog to "read more"? Or do you send the whole blog article?
I absolutely recommend sending an excerpt and a link. This will give you something you can automate from in BenchmarkONE (the link click), but also require the reader to engage and head to your blog & site to move around a bit more and continue building up some interest tags.

Is there a way to have replies to specific emails or campaigns be added directly to a contact in HB?
Yes! Use our BCC or Email Sync features for this.

What tutorials/steps would you recommend someone taking for a person relatively new to HB?
Check out the Getting Started materials on our help deck, specifically the Video Overviews  and the Quickstart Checklist. These are both great ways to get started with BenchmarkONE. 

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