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Signing Up Clients from your Partner Portal
Signing Up Clients from your Partner Portal

Quickly sign new clients and grow your partnership with BenchmarkONE

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1) From your Partner Demo Account, select "Partner Portal" from the drop-down.

2) Once you're in the Partner Portal, click + New Account in the top right corner.

​***Important: If we are handling the training and on-boarding of your client, choose NO. If you are doing the training yourself or will be managing the account completely, choose YES.)

3) You will then be taken to your custom sign up page

4) Filling out important information:

  • YOUR name, phone number, and email* (as the primary Account Owner - this gives you control to manage the account or turn it over to the client at a later time).

*****This also ensures you receive the activation email, not your client (You will be able to access all accounts that are tied to your unique email address with Single Sign on)

  • Your CLIENT's company (to distinguish on invoicing/billing)

  • A unique username (e.g. Katie_AccountName)

  • Make sure to use your agency's billing information (if applicable).

  • Any discount you receive as a partner is meant for you to retain. You should invoice your client for BenchmarkONE plus your services. NOTE: Your Partner Discount will not be reflected in the "total due now", don't worry - you'll see that adjustment on your monthly statement

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