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Step-by-Step Guide to Using Contact Status Sequence
Step-by-Step Guide to Using Contact Status Sequence

Learn how to automate an action or series of actions based on a contact status.

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One of our most anticipated sequence features in BenchmarkONE is the ability to trigger automation based on the change to a Contact Status.

You can choose to automate when a Contact Status is edited manually, through automation or webhook.

Creating a Contact Status Sequence

  • Navigate to Tools > Sequences > + New Sequence.

  • Name your sequence.

  • Save to a specific folder (if necessary).

  • Choose Contact Status as Trigger Type.

  • Choose Contact Status from the dropdown window.

  • Choose if you want the sequence to run every time the status changes or only once.

  • Now it's time to decide what you want this tag score sequence to trigger. Add as many automated actions as you wish, but make sure they make sense.

** Note: Automation will trigger immediately when the contact meets the parameters you defined.

The most common ways people use Contact Status Sequences are to:

  • Send the Sales Rep a Notification email when a contact reaches a specific status

  • Create a deal when a prospect becomes a Lead (or other status specified)

  • Create a Follow-up Task for the Sales Rep once a contact moves to a specific status

  • Start or stop a Campaign based on the contact status

  • Send an email based on a status reached

  • Send a Webhook to push data out of BenchmarkONE and into another tool

What happens if you delete or merge a Contact Status?

You will not be able to delete a status that is tied to sequence. You will need to remove that sequence before deleting your status.
If you merge statuses, the sequence tied to status you merged will now be tied to the status you merged into.

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