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Capture Contacts with BenchmarkONE Forms
Capture Contacts with BenchmarkONE Forms

Learn about the what, why and how of BenchmarkONE online forms.

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Learn about the what, why and how of BenchmarkONE forms!

Topics Covered:

  • What does my customer's buying process have to do with forms?

  • What are the different types of forms I should use?

  • What are some do's & dont's?

  • What are the advantages of using them?

  • What are the code embedding options? 



How Many Fields Should My Form Have?
While there's no magic number, a good rule of thumb is to have no more than 5 form fields.Research shows that conversion tends to slip with more than 5 form fields - but keep in mind that a contact us form may have more fields, where an ebook sign-up would have less.

Should you have multiple forms on your website?
Absolutely! Forms serve different purposes and captures contacts at various stages of the buying process. For example, you may have a contact us form, a newsletter signup, and a demo request form on your website.

How can I make my forms transparent to blend with my website?
The BenchmarkONE form builder has plenty of options to alter the style of your form. If you click into "Form Background" you can check "Transparent" which will add a transparent background to your form so it seamlessly blends with your website color scheme.

I have multiple forms on my landing pages, how do I track form source?
You can easily track the source of each form by placing an automation on your form to "Update Contact Information." From here, you can select to "Update Lead Source." This automation will help you to track the actual page of each of your form fill outs.

Can I create a form and place the same form on multiple websites?
You can easily duplicate your forms in BenchmarkONE by going into the form > selecting actions > duplicate form. Now you can easily work from a form you have created to place them on multiple landing pages.

I'm not sure what content my target market finds valuable?
Easy! Check out the Buyer Persona Workbook. This BenchmarkONE resource will help you to drill down your ideal buyer so that you can more easily create content they care about.

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