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Putting the Pieces Together for B2C Businesses
Putting the Pieces Together for B2C Businesses

Follow along as we explain how each BenchmarkONE feature comes together through a sample B2C business.

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Putting the Pieces Together

  • Complete walk through of a sample B2C Business

  • See each BenchmarkONE feature come together

  • Regular and event-based campaign ideas

  • New contact nurture flowchart take away

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Where can I locate Pre-Built Campaigns?
If you go into your account under Tools > Campaigns - Select "New Campaign" and name your template. When you continue, BenchmarkONE will prompt you into Pre-Built Campaign content that you can use within your account.

How do I start an Event-Based Campaign?
You can trigger campaigns both on an individual or a group. If you go into a contact record, you can store an event and tie the contact to a campaign under the "Events" tab. An individual event campaign example would be a renewal date or birthday. To trigger an event-based campaign on a group, head into your "Contacts" tab. Once you have applied the filter and selected your contacts, choose "Actions" > Add Contacts to an Event.

Where do I manage My Files and insert them into my emails?
You can manage all of your files under Tools > My Files. In the event that you would like to add a file on the fly, you have the ability to"Insert File" within each email builder in BenchmarkONE.

How do I use Contact Statuses with Deals?
Contact Statuses will model a sales pipeline (Example:Not Interested, Former Customer, Lead, Prospect, Opportunity, Client). Your deals section is intended to act as an Opportunity sales pipeline. In the event that someone expresses interest, you would move them into the "Opportunity" contact status and create a deal for them.

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