Mobile 1.0 Release Notes


Introducing Hatchbuck Mobile Beta! Built for busy small business owners and sales professionals, Hatchbuck Mobile is the perfect companion to accelerate your sales and marketing engine.

We know every opportunity is important to you, which is why we want you to be prepared and informed no matter where your business takes you. Whether you’re traveling, meeting with clients, or simply away from your workstation, Hatchbuck Mobile will now enable you to quickly access and communicate with contacts on the go.


Supported environments:

We support Safari and Chrome on iOS 

  • iOS 10.0 (current)

  • iOS 9.0

We support Chrome on Android

  • Android 7.0

  • Android 6.0

  • Android 5.0

Key Features

  • Automatically syncs with your main Hatchbuck platform, so your data is always up-to-date

  • Real-time business data on the Dashboard view

  • Keep yourself organized with all of your upcoming and completed tasks 

  • Quickly access and update contact information on the fly with:
      --  Global contact search
      --  Saved Filters
      --  Adding or Editing contact records
      --  Ability to log notes, tasks, and deals

  • Get in touch with your contacts through quick communication methods:
      --  Send texts
      --  Make calls
      --  Send direct emails from your mobile client
      --  Send prepared email templates from Hatchbuck

  • Easily move between accounts

  • Device Detection: Hatchbuck contact URLs opened on a mobile device will automatically route to the mobile view if logged in.

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