The sales dashboard provides you with a robust view of your most important sales metrics!

There are two filters on the sales dashboard: date range and user(s). Most blocks will display data based on both filters except:

  • Current Deal Pipeline - will only change when filtering by user since this is a current snapshot

  • My Tasks - neither filter will change this. It's already being filtered by the logged in user and what's tasks are due now

  • Current Hot Prospects - will only change when filtering by user since this is a current snapshot

  • Recent Deals - will only change when filtering by user. It's displaying the most recently added deals so date range isn't needed

The dashboard filters are sticky and will not change until you choose to do so. Logging in and out or leaving the dashboard will not affect your selection.

If you are not using deals, the Deals View toggle will roll up the Current Deal Pipeline, Deal Won and Recent Deals blocks.

If you are an admin, you will be able to see all user's activities and data. If you are not an admin and your permissions have been restricted, you will only see your information on the dashboard.

The percentages found throughout the dashboard are showing an upward or downward trend for that statistic - when compared to previous time frames. Example: If I'm filtering for the last 30 days on the dashboard, the revenue percentage on the Deals Won block will compare the 30 days prior to the last 30 days and show me the percentage change and trend.

Below is an explanation of each block on the Sales Dashboard.

Current Deal Pipeline:

This block is a current snapshot of the deal pipeline by sales rep or all users. The numbers to the left of the graph are representative of the total number of deals and the total value of those deals in a general deal status of ‘prospect.’ The graph will show up to 7 deal stages at one time. To customize the deal stages you’d like to see in this graph, use the table/pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner of the block to select the 7 deal stages you’d like to see on the graph. For further insights, click on any deal stage, the total number, total deal value or block title to jump directly to the Deal Pipeline List Report.

Deal Won:

This block shows the total number of deals that have been moved to a general deal stage of ‘won’ and the total revenue earned from those deals. Revenue is pulled from the ‘Value($)’ field on a deal record. To drill down further, click on the title or either number to be directed to the Deal Pipeline List Report.

Activity Feed:

The activity feed is a live feed of real time, up-to-the-minute activity from your contacts. You will see from submissions, email opens, bounces, link clicks, webpage visits, unsubscribes & spam complaints. The tabs across the top allow you to filter for all activity or one specific type of activity. You can take action directly from the feed by clicking the send email or create task buttons that will appear when you hover of a line on the activity feed. Scrolling down the activity feed will continue to load additional activity. There is also a refresh button in the upper right-hand corner of this block if you are anxiously awaiting that next email open or link click.

My Tasks (# Due Now):

This block shows the logged in user their tasks that are due now. The number to the right of ‘My Tasks’ shows the total number of tasks due now. Only 3 tasks will be displayed in the block, but as you complete each task, the list will refresh to show additional tasks.You can complete tasks from this block by checking the circle to the left of the task, and then create follow-up task if needed. Clicking on the task will also allow you to edit the task. And don’t forget the +NEW TASK button at the top of the block for a quick way to create a reminder for yourself or another user. Clicking on the block title will take you to your task list for additional filtering.

User Activity:

This block will show you the total number of tasks the selected user completed during the date range chosen. The top 4 task types will display on the graph while all other task types will be represented by an ‘’All Others’ grouping. Hovering over each line on the graph will show you the exact number of tasks completed for that category. For further insights, click on the block title to jump to the Activity by User Report.

Current Hot Prospects:

This block displays contacts with the highest contact score and are in a general contact status of ‘Prospect.’ Each contact’s name will be displayed along with their title, company and contact score. Hovering over each line in this block will allow you to send an email or create a task. For a complete list of your prospects, click the block title.

PRO TIP: Your internal employees will likely have the highest contact scores and will show in this block. To allow your true hot prospects to show here, create a contact status of ‘Employee’, map it to the ‘Other’ general status, and assign it to your employees' contact records. You can do this by going to Account Settings > Customization > Contact Status.

Recent Deals:
This block shows the most recently created deals where the filtered user is the sales rep on the deal and the deal is in a general deal stage of ‘prospect.’ The deal name, value and current stage are displayed. Clicking on the block title will take you to the Deal List View while clicking on a deal name will take you to the corresponding Deal Detail View.

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