2018 August Release Notes

Here are some highlights of the things we delivered to you in the month of August.

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Every day, Hatchbuck’s suite of sales and marketing tools evolve to better serve your needs. Last month, we started a monthly round-up of the coolest things we’ve done, and we received a ton of great feedback about it. Let’s keep this train going!

Without further adieu, here are some highlights of the things we delivered to you in the month of August.

New & Improved

Access your data more seamlessly with a slew of filter improvements

[New] Dashboard Filters now include a custom 30-day date range option.

[New] Deal Custom Field filters are now available on all list views

[Improved] Activity filters on the contact and company detail views are now sticky your user session. Your view, your way

[Improved] Task filtering

  • You can now filter your tasks based on priority!

  • See today’s and overdue tasks in one view: Due Now filter

  • Tasks search bar will now filter-as-you-type

  • All Tasks can now be back-dated

And some other enhancements:

Flexible searching on phone numbers

Phone numbers many different formats. We’ve updated our search engine so you’ll be able to search and filter for any version of a phone number: 416-161-1616, (416) 161-16161, 41616116161, etc.

Contacts who are on campaigns now show a “Start Date” on the detail views

Now you’ll be able to see when a campaign was started—giving you a much better indication of the sales and marketing journey your contacts have been on.

Hatchbuck Mobile updates

We’ve been receiving a ton of awesome feedback from you regarding our recent launch of Hatchbuck Mobile Beta. Here are the newest improvements:

[New] You wanted sorting, you got it! Mobile contact list view now includes a “Sort By” option. Sort based on:

  • Last Name

  • Contact Score

  • Last Contacted Date

[Improved] Your most important tasks combined into one category. Tasks will now auto-open to “Due Now” category which includes all tasks due today or overdue.

[Improved] Snap a customer headshot and add it straight to new or existing contact records. Modified cropping and saving will now allow you to upload profile photos up to 4mb.

[Improved] A few improvements for copying phone numbers and emails

Other Resolved Issues

List Views

  • List Views will now show 50 records by default instead of 10.

  • Select / Unselect message box was not showing again if X was selected and “Select All” was selected again.

  • Fixed the “Contact is unsubscribed” filter on the list views.

  • The “Time Period” filter for Email Activity between the Dashboard and Contact List View were not in sync. They’ve since collaborated on a common time agreement and should be accurate now.

  • Link Click Activity filter options were not linked properly. We’ve linked them. And now you can search for if the contact has clicked on links on certain emails or all emails confidently.

  • We know math, and we can prove it through filtering by tag score. Any search equations should now work.

  • Bug where applied filter pills become blank after clicking through to contact and then clicking ‘Back’ has been resolved.


  • User Signature will now display in its full form for new emails in the Basic Email Editor instead of the [User Signature] merge field, allowing you to add in automations off of signature links.

  • Images were zooming improperly for Outlook clients. Outlook is now one with the tribe.

  • On “Add Email Template” modals, if you had created a new email template in a new tab, the refresh button was not working.

  • The Edit Button on the Email Wizard confirmation page was sometimes redirecting the user to an older version (or empty version) of the template. Our flow is way better now. Way.

  • Line breaks were being inserted after links for some reason. As if links weren’t glaringly obvious enough. That’s been fixed

  • Images rendering within sections with borders were zooming to 100% regardless of the zoom value inputted. Now it’ll render in the way you set it.


  • Deals added from contact records now automatically associate to associated companies as well

  • For deals that are in a “Lost” stage, the Lost Reason is required once again.

Detail Views

  • If an email was scheduled to send in the future and then was sent, the detail view activity feeds were showing “Sent Email” activities at the time that the user initially completed the wizard instead of the actual time that was scheduled. Now all emails are displaying the true time in which they were actually sent.

  • Notes with long subject lines are now aligned properly. Nothing wrong with keeping subject lines short and sweet, though!

  • Interacting with dropdowns on the Create New Deal Modal on company and contact detail pages was triggering the scroll in less-than-desirable ways. The rest of the dropdown issues will soon join these.

  • Users were previously unable to paste text strings into the Quick Add New Contact modal from Company Detail View. Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V is a way of life and we really respect that.

  • Display issues with social media icons on detail views are no more. Tweet that!

  • Form Submission Previews were showing responses in an order different than how the form was shown.

  • Fixed a few dropdowns


  • Tasks and scheduled campaign filter results are now accurate to the dashboard date ranges. As are the Unique contacts value for webpage visits.

  • Exporting company data now includes company custom fields instead of contact custom fields.

  • Bug where you could not remove tags with special characters has been fixed. Everyone’s special if you really think about it, so now all character types are included.

  • Why were notification automations displaying with duplicated email addresses in the title? We were seriously confused too, but it’s been fixed.


  • There were some instances of the activity feed not displaying contact profile pictures correctly. The missing milk carton photos have been found.

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