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Hatchbuck V4.0 Release Notes
Hatchbuck V4.0 Release Notes

The all new Hatchbuck gives you the power to seize every opportunity in your sales and marketing pipeline. See what's new.

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The all new Hatchbuck gives you the power to seize every opportunity in your sales and marketing pipeline.

Clean and Modern User Interface

Change isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary for growth. The entire application has been revamped with a modern UI. The new user interface not only reflects the re-imagination of the Hatchbuck brand, but provides the building blocks for the exciting features and updates we have planned for the future.


We’ve redesigned the dashboard to help you see exactly where to focus your efforts every day. Many new insights will give you an even more accurate pulse on your business.

Activity Feed

We’ve giving the activity feed you know and love its own live stream on the dashboard. See contact activity in real-time and drill down to see the actions and activities that are most important to you.

Follow-Up Status

Easily see which contacts you need to nurture in order to keep your business top-of-mind. New system statuses that give you the quick scoop on your contacts health:

  • Engaged contacts have a contact score greater than 1

  • Neglected contacts are in a follow-up status, but haven’t been followed up with

  • Unresponsive contacts have not clicked or opened any of your 6 most recent emails to them

New Contacts

Watch your database grow. See how many new contacts you’ve added as well as your total contacts.

Email Stats

Quickly gauge how well your emails are performing.

Sales Stats

Watch as new revenue travels through your sales pipeline.

Top Lead Sources

See your top lead gen channels at a glance.

Website Visitors

Keep a pulse on how well contacts are engaging with your website.

Form Submissions

Form submissions correlate with list growth and engagement. See how your forms are performing overall.

Scheduled Emails and Campaigns

Click to see email history, scheduled emails and email campaigns to their own page.

Powerful Search Capabilities

We’ve re-engineered list views to make it even easier to drill down to the right contacts, deals, and now companies, too. Plus, our new search engine pulls data even faster than before.

Brand New Filters

You’ve given us feedback on the parameters you’d like to filter by, so we’ve added a ton of our customer-requested filters to our list views, including:

  • Link Activity

  • Associated Deals

  • Follow-Up Status

  • Status Movement

  • Email Deliverability

Added Search Logic

Click & Drag Boolean Searching allows you to use both “and” and “or” statements in the same filter for power search queries.

Custom Live Views

Choose the columns you want to include in your list views so that you can always see the data that’s most important to you.

Global Search

You can now use the global search bar to search for deals as well as contacts and companies - giving you all the information you need at your fingertips.

Brand New Email Builder

We’ve reimagined the Hatchbuck Email Builder from the ground up to help even the most novice users design one-of-a-kind, visually stunning emails with ease. Enjoy increased flexibility, added functionality, and significant ease-of-use improvements.

Flexible Layouts

Customize your template layout by combining column sections in any way you like. In addition, you now have the ability to start completely from scratch with a clean and empty canvas.

Smart Images

You don’t need special photo editing software to get images to look just right in your email templates. Everything you need to edit inline and background images is just a click away.

Quick Add

Speaking of clicks, with just a click you can easily add new content to your email template.

Footer Customizations

Footers are required in order to adhere to anti-spam guidelines. We’ve added several footer templates that you can customize to fit your template and your brand.

Pre-Designed Email Templates

We’ve built out a robust library of pre-designed email templates for every occasion. Simple choose your pre-designed template and edit colors, images and text to make it your own.

HTML Source Code

For advanced users, you can now access the full email template HTML source code in the email builder and copy and paste into the HTML editor of your choice.

Additional Email Builder Improvements

  • Now, files can be uploaded directly from the Email Builder page, making it super simple to attach docs to your email templates.

  • Inserting images is a breeze with improved sizing and padding options

  • We’ve made it easy to add custom social media buttons to your emails.

  • Template-wide styles are easier than ever to configure. Be sure to check out the Styles tab when building a new email.

  • It’s easier to save an email draft - so you can avoid losing your hard work.

New Company List View

Whether you organize your lists by contact or account, we’ve got you covered with the brand new Company List View. Now you can easily access a list of company records. We’ve also added the “status” field to companies, make it simpler to sort through your account pipeline.

IMAP Email Integration

Put all your email conversations in one place with our new email integration with Google and other IMAP email clients.

User Level Security

We’re introducing user level security in this release. Now you can manage user permissions with user level security settings. Access under account settings > users.

Updates to List Views

Select a group of contacts, companies or deals to add tasks in bulk. Use merge fields to personalize tasks for each record.

When starting contacts on a campaign, event or email, you can now differentiate by user and contact time zones.

Updates to Detail Views

We’ve not only giving Contact, Company, and Deal record detail views a new look, but have focused on helping you track relationships in the app as efficiently as possible.

New Activity Feed

We’ve redesigned the Activity Feed with flexibility in mind. Sort the Activity Feed on Contact, Company and Deal records by the activities that matter the most to you.

Other Detail View Improvements

  • Now you can quickly add and edit Notes and Tasks inline.

  • Start contacts on a campaign from the Change Status modal.

  • We’ve removed the nurtured status to avoid confusion with the new follow-up status options (found under account settings).

Campaign Builder Advancements

Create or edit a campaign to see the re-imagined campaign builder. Now, you can set advanced timers to skip weekends or to send at a specific time, providing great flexibility to your campaigns. Our new campaign interface allows you to quickly modify when you want your steps to run by dragging and dropping.


We’ve brought the same UI from the campaign builder to the Rules, Form, Webpage, and Email Link wizards. Actions are now rebranded as “Automations”

Updates to Tasks

Our new task view allows you to take action on groups of tasks, as well as flag high-priority tasks.

Account Setting Updates

We’ve made some helpful updates to your account settings:

  • Change the order of how your customizations appear in their dropdowns with drag & drop sorting

  • The new Email Sync page lets you access and set your IMAP email settings

  • For account admins, the Users page now lets you configure User Level Security settings

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