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2019 February - Import Wizard Updates
2019 February - Import Wizard Updates

You spoke and we listened! Our updated design makes it even easier for you to import your lists.

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You spoke and we listened! We've made some improvements to our import wizard which are listed below. There are more coming as well so stayed tuned!


  • We significantly sped things up so you should see your contacts loaded much more quickly.

  • The wizard will now skip blank columns and rows on your file and no longer throw an error or stall.

  • If a user is simply updating records vs. importing new ones, the wizard will allow you to proceed without the extra room on your contact limit.

Ease of Use 

  • Reduced the number of clicks overall by removing unnecessary pages or confusing prompts throughout the wizard.

  • Excel files (XLSX and XLS) are now accepted formats for import files. CSV files are also still accepted.

  • Smart-mapping: your columns will now auto-map based on the column headers in your file. The more you import, the smarter the wizard becomes and remembers different variations of your header titles. 

  • Increased the character limit for single-line custom text fields to match what is allowed in a contact record (1000 characters).

  • Final pages of the import wizard have been updated to decrease confusion, offer more flexibility, and provide a cleaner import experience.

*New Fields Available to Import*

  • Lead Source - you can now import Lead Sources from your file. This will create new sources that are not currently in your drop down and will map to existing sources. 

  • Sales Rep - you can now import Sales Rep from your file instead of segmenting your list or importing a different file for each rep. This is completed by using the Sales Rep's email address that is tied to their user record in Hatchbuck. 


  • On the last page of the import wizard, you can now download a list of invalid emails Hatchbuck found in your file. This will include email addresses that are already marked as "failed" in your account. 

  • We improved time zone detection for contacts imported. We match time zones based on the following order:U.S. zip code - if there isn't one then,Country Name - if there isn't one then, Foreign zip code - if none of the above exist,We default to the user's timezone

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