Database Duplication

Database duplication allows any BenchmarkONE user with more than one account to copy data from one account to another.

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Database duplication is a cool new technology that allows any BenchmarkONE user who has more than one account to quickly copy data from one account (source account) to another (destination account). This can save a user with multiple accounts lots of time and effort, especially our BenchmarkONE Partners.

To copy data from one account to another, simply submit your request to our support team by emailing A team member will reach out and help complete your request.

If an item already exists in an account, it will not be updated - only NEW items will be copied. 

Important Note: A user must have access to both the source and destination account(s) for database duplication to work. For BenchmarkONE Partners, this will most likely be the partner email address used to toggle between accounts. 

What can be copied:

  • The whole account

  • An entire module (see module list below)

  • Individual items within a module (specific email templates, statuses, tags, etc.)

Modules that can be copied:

  • Company Custom Fields

  • Contact Custom Fields

  • Deal Custom Fields

  • Contact Statuses

  • Company Statuses

  • Deal Stages

  • Tags

  • Campaigns

  • Email Templates

  • Tag Rules

  • Contact Scoring Points

What cannot be copied: 

  • Online Forms

  • Automation: add / remove contact from event

  • Automation: send webhook

  • Automation: Update Contact Information will not copy Temperature or Referred By fields

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