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Data Security and Reliability
Data Security and Reliability

Your data is always safe, and we work hard to keep the system stable at all times.

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Data in Transit

All data in transit to and from BenchmarkONE is protected via TLS.  This includes any data you submit to BenchmarkONE, any data sent to BenchmarkONE via a 3rd party partner such as Zapier, and any data we transmit to a 3rd party such as email transmissions.

Data at Rest

BenchmarkONE encrypts or securely hashes sensitive data at rest including passwords, oauth tokens, API keys and email content.  BenchmarkONE does not encrypt or hash any contact-related data.

Credit Card Data

BenchmarkONE does not store or maintain your credit card data.  Upon submitting your payment information to BenchmarkONE , it is immediately and securely transmitted to our PCI compliant payment processor who maintains your payment data within their vault.

Other Sensitive Data

BenchmarkONE does not support or condone the storage of sensitive data such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, social security numbers or anything similar; whether via custom fields, uploaded files or content within emails.



BenchmarkONE is designed to provide 99.9% system availability (accessible) and reliability (error free transactions) outside of scheduled maintenance windows which are communicated in advance to our customer base and occur outside of core business hours.  Our servers and data utilize redundant hardware across multiple data centers. 


Your data is stored with multiple levels of redundancy contributing to both uptime and retention in the event of a minor or catastrophic event.  Continuous off-site backups of your data are captured every 15 minutes and are stored across at least 3 separate data centers.

Data Retention

Upon cancellation your data is retained for at least 30 and up to 90 days, after which all records of your data will be removed from the BenchmarkONE system.  To ensure data continuity due to a payment issue, please ensure you resume suspended BenchmarkONE services within 30 days to ensure you retain access to your data.

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