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Scheduled Outage for Server Move - 8/31/19
Scheduled Outage for Server Move - 8/31/19
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Maintenance will begin on Saturday, August 31st at 4:00 am CDT. Please plan for a 24-hour outage; however, we do not anticipate the system will be offline for the full window. 

We are estimating the app will be back online in some capacity around 12:00 pm CDT which includes operational forms. The remaining parts of the app such as contact list view, dashboards, reports and searching will likely be functional around 9:00 pm CDT. This timeline is an estimate so please follow our real-time progress on the status page.

With this upgrade, we will be moving from our current hosting provider to Amazon where we will have a more sophisticated backup & recovery solution, increased redundancy at every layer, and higher availability.

During the outage window, you may experience partial or complete service outages such as the inability to access Hatchbuck, API unavailability, or scheduled emails not going out on time.

Action Items:

If you have emails scheduled to go out during this time and they are not being sent, DO NOT cancel, reschedule or try to resend them again during the maintenance window. Doing so may result in double-delivery. All emails will be eventually be sent. 

If this is a concern, consider scheduling your emails to be sent outside of the estimated 24-hour maintenance window.

We appreciate your support as we grow! 

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