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Create a New Landing Page

Learn about the themes, elements and hosting options offered in the Landing Page Builder.

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Landing pages can increase conversions and generate more leads! Learn how to create a landing page in a matter of minutes with our builder.

From the Landing Pages & Popups dashboard, head to your Popups & Pages List View and use the blue dropdown to Create New > Landing Page:


Choose a template to use as a starting point. Browse through all templates, or choose a category from the column on the left. You will be able to fully customize the template in subsequent steps. 


You will use the Content, Blocks, Body and Images tabs in the right sidebar to fully customize your page.

Drag and drop content into the existing layout. To learn more about each content option, click here

Click into the block type you would like to use, then drag and drop the block into the existing layout.

Set general formatting options for the page and links in the Body section.


Powered by Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay... Search millions of images to select the perfect one for your page. Drag and drop image into your page layout.

Once ready, Save & Continue to move forward.

Thank You

Select what should happen once the visitor submits their information.  

If "show a thank you page" is chosen, you can edit the design/content of the page by hovering over the current layout and selecting Edit Page or selecting the button on the left:

If "redirect to another website" is chosen, enter the redirect URL. The page entered will preview on the right:

Once ready, Save & Continue to move forward.


Give your page a name and select which domain will be used for the URL:

If you would like to use another domain that is not yet set up on your account, choose Add Custom Domain. This will open a new tab to your "Manage Site" settings.

Search Engine Optimization

Enabling SEO allows search engines to find and index your landing page.

  • Meta Title
    The Title will be shown in search engine results (and also in the browser tab of the page). In my example below, I had searched for “healthy living tips”, and this example was one of the search results.

  • Meta Description
    The description is also shown in search engine results. This will be the first 160 characters that your audience reads to encourage them to open your page.

  • Don’t allow search engines to index this page
    Check this option if you do not want the page to be found by search engines. For example, if you wanted to use this page for a PPC campaign only (and not be found by search engines.)

Social Media Tags

If you intend to share the landing page on social networks, you can control the Title, Description and Image to be unique for social networks. Otherwise, the Title and Description above will be used.

Once ready, Save & Continue to move forward.


You've designed the page and now you're ready to publish! Grab the short URL provided, or quickly share on Facebook or Twitter.

Click Publish to close and save.

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