Setup up a subdomain on your existing website to seamlessly use customized, on-brand BenchmarkONE landing pages across all of your marketing campaigns. 

Click on the ⚙️Manage Site link in the top navigation bar. 

In the settings, select the Add Domain drop down and enter the page and domain you would like to use. Select Add Domain once entered.

You will need to verify the ownership of the domain entered. To do this, click on the blue Fix It! button:

A modal box will then appear. You are provided a CNAME record that should be added to your DNS settings within your domain host. This is required in order to verify ownership of the domain. Any questions or assistance needed with adding the CNAME record should be directed to your domain host.

Once the CNAME record is up on your domain, select Verify Record. If the record is not up correctly, you will receive the error "DNS result has no information for (" If the record is found on your domain successfully, you are good to go!

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