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Embedding Forms on BenchmarkONE's Native Landing Pages
Embedding Forms on BenchmarkONE's Native Landing Pages

To use an existing BenchmarkONE form on our native landing pages, follow these instructions.

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BenchmarkONE's native landing page builder provides a form option that's extremely intuitive! However, there are circumstances that may lead you to use a BenchmarkONE form instead. Here are some perks of using a BenchmarkONE iFrame embedded form:

  • If you find you need more advanced automation options;

  • You would like to drop a tracking cookie when a visitor submits the form;

  • Any changes you make to the form in BenchmarkONE will immediately show on your landing page (no need to re-enter the code).

Adding a BenchmarkONE form to BenchmarkONE's Native Landing Page --

In BenchmarkONE, head to Tools > Online Forms and select the form you would like to place on this page to open the form detail view.

Under Embed Options on the bottom right, select Use an iFrame. Keep in mind that this option sandboxes the code exactly as you see it in BenchmarkONE, so complete any styling you would like on the form within BenchmarkONE. Select "Copy to Clipboard" to save. 

Once that code is copied, head to Tools > Landing Pages & Popups. Create a new landing page, or click into an existing page to open up the editor.

Drag and drop the HTML content option into the template where the form should appear. Customizations will appear in the right hand column of the builder.  

Under HTML, paste the iFrame code copied earlier. 

You can then adjust the padding of the container the HTML is in, and toggle the "More Options" button to adjust the padding specific to the top, right, left and bottom of the container.

Be sure to Save & Continue to save your changes.

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