Edit an Existing Landing Page

Make changes to landing page names, templates, designs, and thank you pages.

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From the Landing Pages & Popups dashboard, head to your Popups & Pages List View.

Edit Design or Information

Click into the landing page name or select the Edit button in the right hand column.ย 

Clicking in to any of the wizard headers will allow you to make changes to the page. When you're finished, continue to the publish page and select Publish to close and save.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: If you are using dropdown custom fields in a landing page and you make changes to any of the available options, you must close the Landing Pages & Popups tool and reopen to see those dropdown changes reflected.

Duplicate or Delete

From the landing page list view, select the drop down in the right column to quickly duplicate or delete the page.ย 

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