Seamlessly integrate your Gmail inbox with your database with the BenchmarkONE Gmail integration. Ensure that contacts, tasks and conversations won’t fall through the cracks by bringing BenchmarkONE directly into the inbox. 

The extension is available for Chrome browsers and Gmail users. Let's get started!

Download Extension —

First, download the extension to your Chrome browser. 

Download Now

Read through the permissions and data information needed for the extension. To approve, click Add extension.

Once added, you will see the BenchmarkONE icon to the right of your address bar.


Accessing the Integration —

After adding the extension to your Chrome browser, you will need to refresh your Gmail inbox and the BenchmarkONE icon will appear. Click on the icon to expand and collapse the extension on the right. 

Enter your credentials to log into your BenchmarkONE account. You will then be prompted by Gmail to confirm permissions for the integration. Continue by entering your Gmail email address and password. 

Set up is complete! You will now have access to your BenchmarkONE account within Gmail. 

Main View
The main view of the extension provides a few functions:

  • Click on your initials to log out.

  • Create a new contact to your database with just a few clicks.

  • Use the magnifying glass to search the contact database.

  • Quickly access contacts that have been most recently contacted. The recent contacts list will display per BenchmarkONE account user permissions.
    --  If the user is restricted from viewing other users’ contacts, the list will display the user's 10 most recent contacts.
    --  If the user is not restricted from viewing other users’ contacts, the list will display the account’s 10 most recent contacts.

Using the Integration —

Tracking Pixel
Compose a new message or reply to an email in your inbox. You will see the BenchmarkONE icon in purple next to the "Send" button. This icon indicates that the BenchmarkONE tracking pixel is turned on for the outgoing message. When the icon is turned on, BenchmarkONE will track when the email is opened by the recipient. 

To turn tracking off, simply click on the icon to turn it grey.

Finding or Creating a New Contact
Once the email address is entered into the email draft, the BenchmarkONE extension will populate one of two ways --

1) If the email address does not exist in the account, you will have the option to create a new contact. 

2) If the email does exist in the account, the contact's record will appear, providing you insight into their contact information, recent activity, notes and tasks. 

Managing a Contact Record
Use the pencil icons on the contact's record to quickly add or edit Profile information.

The Activity feed will provide an overview of actions that have occurred on the contact's record.

Quickly view or add Notes to the record.

View and complete Tasks.

Access the contact record in the web app by clicking the icon in the top right of the profile.

Viewing Activity in the Web App —

Gmail integration email sends and opens will appear in the contact's record under their Activity Feed. The activity will be noted with "via Gmail" at the end of the subject line.

Accessing the email subject line will open a modal box for a recap of the conversation and the included recipients.

Email Security
Only the user of the sending email address can view the email content and recipients of Gmail integration activity. Clicking into the subject line of an email sent through another user's Gmail address will result in the following popup:

We hope you enjoy uninterrupted workflow using the BenchmarkONE Gmail integration!

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