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Send multiple audiences targeted content from a single email.

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Dynamic content allows users to personalize email content based on a contact's tags. This feature is available in pro and enterprise-level plans.

To get started, create a new email template using the Drag & Drop Builder or edit an existing template. You will identify dynamic content by section. Hover over a section and click the dynamic content icon to open the properties tab in the left-hand column.

Choose who should see the selected section -- all contacts or specific contacts. All contacts will see each section by default.

When selecting the specific contacts option, you will then identify the targeted audience by their tags. Use the type-ahead option to find a specific tag or simply click on a tag in the drop down list.

Important Note on Adding Tags:

Add as many tags as needed to identify your target group. When adding more than one tag, the results will pull contacts who have at least one of the tags; the contact does not need to have all of the tags.

You will see the tags identified in the selected tags box.

To remove a tag, click on the pill to turn it blue and use the "x" to remove.

Click done when selections are complete. Now when you hover over a section that has dynamic content enabled, you will see that the icon is a different color.

That's it! Complete these steps for each section of your email that should only appear for select audiences.

Sending Test Emails

Test emails will include all sections of the email, including those that have dynamic content enabled. To see a true representation of dynamic content for a template, complete an actual email send to test contacts who have the coordinating tags.


Example Use Case

I own a health & wellness center and send a monthly newsletter to all of my members and hot prospects. I want to send content to my audience based on their interests, so I create one template and use the dynamic content feature to identify which recipients receive each section of the email.

Those recipients who have the tag Massage Interest will be the only ones who see this section of the email with an article about the benefits of massage therapy --

Those recipients who have the Class: Kickboxing OR Personal Training Interest tags will be the only ones who see this section of the email about the benefits of kickboxing --

However, I think everyone would enjoy nutrition-focused content, so I am going to leave this section for all contacts to see --

My contact, Roey, has the Massage Interest and Class: Kickboxing tags. She will receive all sections that have dynamic content enabled in the email sent to her.

My contact, Graham, has the Personal Training Interest tag. Besides the sections that are included for all contacts, Graham will only receive the benefits of kickboxing article section in the email sent to him.

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