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Setting Up an FTP Connection
Setting Up an FTP Connection

Users can connect to BenchmarkONE's SFTP server by using a third-party application. The set up process is quick and easy!

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An FTP connection allows you to upload contact files into your BenchmarkONE account from a third-party FTP client. You can upload new contacts or modify existing contacts in your account.

SFTP Server

Users will need a third-party app to connect to the BenchmarkONE SFTP server. This is where you will select and upload import files to transfer into your BenchmarkONE database.

Supported Users

Customers with account owner or admin rights will be able to access the FTP screens within BenchmarkONE by going to account settings > data > FTP.

Activate FTP

To start using FTP import, you will need to first set a password. From account settings > data > FTP, click the Set Password button and add a user-defined password.

After saving the password, you will be able to use the BenchmarkONE defined Host and Username along with your selected password to access the FTP Server.


BenchmarkONE staff or account owners do not have a way to access users' FTP passwords. If a password is forgotten you will need to reset it by going to account settings > data > FTP and selecting the Change Password button.

💡 If at any time the FTP password is reset in BenchmarkONE, the password will need to be updated in your FTP client as well.

Connect FTP Client

To establish a connection, you will need to have a 3rd party FTP client already installed. The following directions are specific to FileZilla; note that the steps could differ in your FTP client.

After launching the application, first add a new site through the site manager. In the top menu, click on File > Site Manager.

Once the site manager opens, click the New Site button. If you already have other sites, you can leave those as-is.

On the left, give this new site a recognizable name.

On the right, select SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol under the Protocol dropdown. If you forget to select this, it will auto-update when your site is connected in FileZilla, though we can’t guarantee other FTP clients will do this.

To fill in the remaining fields, you will need your unique credentials from your FTP management page in BenchmarkONE. Copy and paste the fields we provide there for host, port, username and the password you created.

Once everything is filled in, click Connect and that’s it! The FTP client will let you know if there is an error connecting.

You will not need to re-enter your credentials if you have closed the FTP client or disconnected. Since the site was added to the site manager, it is saved. To reconnect, select the saved site name and click Connect.

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