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Partner Best Practices: BenchmarkONE features
Partner Best Practices: BenchmarkONE features

Focus on powerful features that drive results

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With BenchmarkONE, you can set up intelligent automations and processes that will ensure that you meet your goals and drive ongoing revenue for your clients. When it comes to campaigns, the sky's the limit, but there are a few must-have strategies you should keep in your tool belt.

The Power of Campaigns

A campaign is a series of automations that can trigger automatically, like:

  • Sending an email

  • Adding a tag

  • Updating a contact status

  • Assigning a contact a lead source

  • Creating a task for a sales rep

  • Sending a notification to a user

  • Starting a campaign

  • and more!

With BenchmarkONE’s campaigns, you can set up a traditional email drip campaign, a simple autoresponder, or a more complex workflow. Let’s dig into a few simple scenarios and you’ll be off and running with campaigns in no time.

Nurturing Contacts

A contact nurture campaign keeps new contacts engaged and helps them move down the path from “brand aware” to “ready to buy” by sending a series of emails over time.

Here's an example nurture campaign for Gulliver's Travel Agency:

Campaigns can also help transition contacts from marketing to sales, and ensure that hot opportunities turn into new customers.

Here's an example:

Event-Based Campaigns

Event campaigns send emails around a specific event date. It’s perfect for triggering time-sensitive emails around events like:

  • Webinars

  • Tradeshows

  • Renewal dates

  • Birthdays

Here's an example from Gulliver's Travel Agency's Webinar:

Tag Rules

Tag Rules can help dynamically segment your contacts and help sales reps connect with your hottest prospects.

Intelligent Tag Rules allow you to:

  • Create a task for a sales rep to follow-up with a special offer

  • Update a contact status

  • Start a specific campaign

  • And more!

Here's an example of how Gulliver's Travel Agency uses Tag Rules:

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