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Extend your Services with BenchmarkONE
Extend your Services with BenchmarkONE

Ramped up and ready to go?

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Partner Resource Center

With all of the assets available to you in the Partner Resource Center, you can seamlessly market BenchmarkONE alongside your other marketing services.

  • Quickly set up co-brandable resources on your website for download

  • Share a press release about your partnership with BenchmarkONE

  • Add the BenchmarkONE certification badge to your website.

Get More Exposure

There are endless ways to share your BenchmarkONE Partner status across your channels. We recommend:

  • Emailing clients & prospects

  • Posting on social media

  • Writing informational blog posts comparing BenchmarkONE to other systems you’ve used

BenchmarkONE Marketplace

Our marketplace gives your agency a simple platform for connecting with BenchmarkONE customers who need services. When a BenchmarkONE client needs a referral, we send them a link to the marketplace. Not getting listed means you could be missing out on warm leads.

Within your listing in the BenchmarkONE Market, you can grow your customer base by listing your core specialties, setting your budget and getting reviews to boost your placement in the marketplace.

Pricing and Bundling BenchmarkONE

Depending on your agency’s ideal buyer, you’ll want to decide how to package your other services along with BenchmarkONE to fit their specific needs. Bundling BenchmarkONE alongside other services you offer such as SEO, content creation and website optimization is an easy way to use BenchmarkONE as a value-add for your customers.

Sample Bundles & Example Pricing

Lead Gen Package

  • Driving traffic through SEO

  • Creating Landing Pages

  • Capturing New Leads

  • Nurturing new leads with monthly campaigns

  • Sending hot leads to your sales team

  • ~$2000/mo.

Content Creation

  • 8 blog posts/mo.

  • Newsletter sign-up form on your site with autoresponder

  • 1 email newsletter/mo.

  • ~$3000/mo.

Website Optimization

  • Set up analytics

  • Create & a/b test one landing page/mo.

  • Capture leads

  • Nurture new leads

  • Measure success to improve site conversion rate

  • ~$2500/mo.

Onboarding and Training

It is important to consider everything you will need to set up for your clients when they signup:

  • Organizing data pre-import

  • Importing contacts and creating custom fields

  • Tagging contacts

  • Creating email templates

  • Creating nurture campaigns

  • Replacing any current forms on site with BenchmarkONE forms

  • Adding BenchmarkONE webpage tracking

  • Making sure you have automations set up on any trackable actions (form submissions, webpage visits or link clicks)

Based on your contract, the initial start-up cost can be amortized over the length of your relationship or set up as a one-off (such as a $1000 one-time fee).

Onboarding Packages

Depending on your agency’s ideal buyer, you will want to decide how to package your other services along with BenchmarkONE to fit their specific needs.

You may offer full “do it for you” services, where the client never logs into BenchmarkONE. This is often ideal for larger clients with a bigger budgets. They may have a separate CRM that they’re already use and are looking to you for marketing automation or inbound services.

For clients who want to use BenchmarkONE as their CRM, you will need to onboard them or have them onboard through a BenchmarkONE Consultant for a $199 one-time fee. In this scenario, you may be developing the content for the emails and campaigns and assisting with set up (like importing, embedding forms and webpage tracking) alongside your other service offerings.

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