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Utilizing User Level Security and Teams to allow your users access to segmented contacts.

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I am an administrator for BenchmarkONE Public Schools. I'd like each of the buildings in my district under one account, but I want to control the contacts that each building can send to. I will create teams based on the building that each user works and tag contacts with the coordinating building name. This will keep the database and our communication to parents organized.

BenchmarkONE permissions allow you to control what your users are able to see and do in the database. To access user permissions, head to Account Settings > Account > Users.

Making the user a system administrator provides them rights to:

  • Access restricted tools (email templates, campaigns and forms).

  • View and edit all contacts, companies and deals throughout the account.

  • View and edit customization options within account settings > customizations.

If a user should be restricted, check or uncheck the additional options:

  • Can login

  • Can export data

  • Can send on behalf of others (ability to send emails out of BenchmarkONE from other users)

  • Can view/edit other users' records (including contacts, companies and deals)

  • Can delete other users' records (including contacts, companies and deals)

In most cases, there will be a difference between district users and school users.

District users will typically need access to all contacts.

  • Make a System Administrator

School users will only need access to their parents, students and staff. Checkmark access to:

  • Can login

  • Can send on behalf of others (ability to send emails out of BenchmarkONE from other users)

With Teams, you can easily organize users to control what contacts they can access in the database.

To get started, head to Account Settings > Account > Teams.

Select the button Add Team to begin building out your first group.

Add Team, give it a team name

Now use the Add Tag button to identify the tag(s) for this team. Users in this team will then have access to contacts with the tags added here.

In the Team Members tab, you will add the users who belong to this team. Select Edit Users and then Add Users.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Users can be added to more than one team.

NOTE: The account's master tag list will still be available to all users, regardless of the team the user is tied to.

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