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New School Year Clean-up
New School Year Clean-up

Reset the tags in your account through the FTP connection

Written by Lori Naeger
Updated over a week ago

If you are not already sending your tag files as a X (reset file,) with each new school year, you will want to make an edit to the filename so your past school year tags are reset. (This file type can also be sent on a regular basis.)

For instance, SchoolName_CSCurrent_T should be edited to: SchoolName_CSCurrent_X

An X file will:

1. Remove all listed tags in the file from the coordinating contacts

2. Add new contacts who do not already exist in your BenchmarkONE database

An X file will not:

1. Delete any contact records

2. Reset (remove) all tags in your BenchmarkONE database

How to add a tag to the filename

An easy way to add a school year tag is to edit the filename to something like

  • A double underscore (__) needs to be included before a tag and after the contact status. A single underscore (_) will result in an error.

  • Multiple tag names cannot be in one file name.

  • File names only support alpha numeric values, plus underscore (_), period (.) and dash (-). Do not include any spaces in the file name.

How to filter for negative tags

To perform this filter search, you will go to Contacts > Filter > Tags > select tag name >

Close & apply.

Click on the tag name in the filter status bar. The tag will turn red to search for the inverse of contacts with that tag(s.) Also known as contact suppression.

  • Note: this list might contain contacts coming in through a form or manually added so be aware of who you are deleting.

To delete, select all the contacts, go to Actions > show more and delete contacts.

Contact BenchmarkONE support if you have any questions about your specific needs.

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