Changing Campaign Dates

You cannot change the date a step should run once your contact(s) are triggered for that step! Check out further details in this article.

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Once your campaign has started and your contacts are on a campaign step, you cannot change the date it should run. We suggest ensuring all of the information you entered for each campaign step is 100% accurate before starting your campaign.

If your campaign has not started for any contacts, or you need to adjust a run date that no contacts are waiting on, you can change the campaign dates by following these steps:

  • Navigate to Emails > Campaigns.

  • On the campaign list view screen, click on the campaign that you want to edit.

  • Use the Edit Automations button to open up the campaign editor.

  • You can change the day a step should run by clicking in to the Day box in the left hand column:

  • Type in your desired day and click save:

  • Another option is to click the Edit Pencil for any step:

  • Edit the Run Day at the top and click Save. If you want a more specific run time, click on Advanced Timers:

  • This will provide you the options to not run on the weekends or to run at a specific time in contact or user time zone:

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