Below are some common ways and some suggestions on how you can use Zapier to integrate Acuity Scheduling with BenchmarkONE. 

Want to try a pre-built zap? Head to Account Settings > Integrations and scroll down to the section where you can "follow up with appointments"

Keep track of who's scheduled and how often they've made an appointment: 

  • Zap to use: "New Appointment" (Trigger = Acuity) to "add a tag" (Action = BenchmarkONE) 

  • Add a "scheduled appointment" tag 

  • Segment out current contacts who have scheduled with you and see how often they schedule:

  1. Use the "Browse by Tag" filter to find those in your database who have or have not scheduled with you

  2. Filter by tag score to find a list of the contacts that schedule most often

Monitor who's cancelled and send a follow up message: 

  • Zap to use: "Appointment Cancelled" (Trigger = Acuity) to "Add a tag" (Action = BenchmarkONE)

  • Create a Tag Rule to trigger a task and an email to be sent to that contact

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