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Setting Up Automations for Online Form Submissions
Setting Up Automations for Online Form Submissions

When you have an Online Form on your site, you will most likely want several automations to occur once someone submits a Form.

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When you have completed your form set up you will be brought to the Automations page. If you've already created your form and need to add or edit automations, just click into that tab from the online form detail page. (Tools > Online Forms > Choose Form > Automations tab.)

  • Select as many automations as you need for this online form

Most Commonly Used Automations for Online Forms:

  • Send an Email- this is how you can easily send an auto-responder email. A common use for this might be for a content request form (like an eBook). Create a template with a link to your content and add this automation to send that out.

  • Create Task for the contact's rep to call or follow up on the information they provided

  • Start a Campaign based on the type of information contained in the form (e.g. Was the form in order to receive an eBook about a certain industry you serve? Start them on a campaign specific to that)

  • Stop a (or all) Campaign  if this form is requesting a meeting, demo, or trial, you may want to switch to a more personal touch and stop your automated email campaigns.

  • Adding a Tag based on what the form means to you (again, if it refers to a certain product or service)

  • Send Notification Typically you would add this action to notify a secondary individual of this activity. In your account settings, in the 'Email Notifications' block, you have the ability to receive an automated form submission notification . If this is turned on, you will be notified if you are the sales rep on a contact (or the default rep on a form) when the form is submitted.

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