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Zapier: Eventbrite to BenchmarkONE
Zapier: Eventbrite to BenchmarkONE

Learn how you can use Zapier to integrate your Eventbrite account with BenchmarkONE.

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Try this pre-built zap, head to Account Settings > Integrations and go to the section "connect with your event attendees"

Add tags in BenchmarkONE to Eventbrite attendees

Use this Zap (powered by Zapier)

Keep track of who registered:

You may want to find a way to find out which of your BenchmarkONE contacts are

  • Zap to use: "New Attendee" (Trigger = Eventbrite) to "Add a Tag" (Action = BenchmarkONE).

  • You can add a tag for an individual event OR you can add a general "Event Attendance", "Level of Interest", or "Product/Service Interest" tag to measure overall engagement with other your other marketing efforts.

  • For example: If I am hosting a class on "How to Cook with Red Wine", I can add any of these tags:

  1. "Cooking with Red Wine Class" (to group with others who registered for this specific webinar)

  2. "Event Attendee" (to group with anyone who has attended ANY of my webinars)

  3. "Level of Interest" (to add an additional score outside of link clicks and form completions)

  4. "Red Wine Interest" (to add to the Red Wine segment, and to gauge interest level in this product offering)

Event Reminders:

You may want to set up email reminders for your contacts who sign up for your event, and maybe send a feedback email after.

  • Zap to use: "New Attendee" (Trigger = Eventbrite) to "Add a Tag" (Action = BenchmarkONE).

  • Add a unique tag specific to this event

  • Set up an event-based campaign in BenchmarkONE.

  • Set up a tag score sequence that uses that unique tag to create an event for the Contact and tie this event to the campaign you built.

*BenchmarkONE tip: Using the "Add a tag" automation gives you the most functionality. You can set up a Sequence within BenchmarkONE, then use the score to trigger any of the available BenchmarkONE automation!

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