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How to Capture Hello Bar Contacts with BenchmarkONE + Zapier
How to Capture Hello Bar Contacts with BenchmarkONE + Zapier

When used in an intelligent, thoughtful manner, popups can drastically increase your site’s visitor to lead conversion.

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Think website pop-ups and optins are an annoyance? Sure, when you get interrupted in the middle of browsing, those full-screen pop-up takeovers can disrupt and sour your experience. But, that doesn’t have to be the case!

When used in an intelligent, thoughtful manner, popups can drastically increase your site’s visitor to lead conversion. Strategically placing popups in places you can add value to your visitors is the perfect way to snag interested prospects.

The best part? Using Zapier in conjunction with Hello Bar, you can capture new leads from your popups and use BenchmarkONE to automatically tag and nurture them with relevant campaigns.

Here’s how.

Create Your Hello Bar Optin

Determine your goal, choose your template, and customize your optin for your website in Hello Bar.

Need help getting your optin set up? This video from the Hello Bar team gives step-by-step instructions for creating your first optin.

Send Your Hello Bar Leads to a Hello Bar List

Once your optin is created, you’ll need to create a contact list that you can send new leads to. This list is the list Zapier will pull contacts from in to BenchmarkONE. You may find that you want to create one list per optin if you have different workflows for each optin.

For example, you may have an bar optin on your site that asks visitors to subscribe to your email address as well as a page takeover optin that asks visitors to download a resource. Since you will want to have different actions in BenchmarkONE for both of these optins, you’ll need to create a contact list for each optin in Hello Bar.

First, from the Hello Bar menu, go to “Contacts.”

Create a new contact list.

Name your new list. It might be helpful to choose a name that relates to the optin you’ve created.

Then click “done”. You will not need to choose an email provider to send contacts to. Instead, just store your contacts in Hello Bar.

Now that your list is created, go back to your optin’s conversion settings. Under the setting, “After Hello Bar collects an email address, where should we send it?” choose the contact list you created.

Now you’re ready to send your Hello Bar contacts to Zapier.

p.s. don’t have Zapier yet? Click here to create your free account.

Automatically Import New Hello Bar Leads with Zapier

Create a new Zap in Zapier and select Hello Bar as the trigger app.

Select “New Subscriber” as the trigger.

Then, connect to your Hello Bar account.

Next, choose the website your Hello Bar optin is on (if you’re a marketing agency you may have more than one client website set up in Hello Bar).

Then, choose your contact list. This is where you will choose the contact list you created above and associated with your Hello Bar optin.

Now you’re ready for the action part of your zap. But first…

Format Hello Bar’s Name Field for BenchmarkONE with the Zapier Formatter

Most likely you will want to import the “Name” field from Hello Bar to BenchmarkONE. This requires a couple of extra steps in Zapier since Hello Bar keeps first and last name in one field, while BenchmarkONE has both a first name field and a last name field.

So, on the next action step, select the app called “Formatter by Zapier.”

Then, choose “Text” as the action.

Now you’re ready to split your Hello Bar “name” text into first and last name. Choose the transform option of “Split Text.”

Now, choose the Hello Bar “Name” field as the Input option.

Skip the optional “Separator” field in the template. The default is a “space” separator, which works perfectly for this scenario.

Move on the the Segment Index field. This is the segment of text to the formatter will return after splitting.

Choose “First” and continue.

Now the Formatter action step is set up to pull the “Name” field from Hello Bar, use a space delimiter to separate text in that field, and return the first word in that field. The result is a first name field that you can use to import into BenchmarkONE.

You have the first name, so let’s grab the last name as well. Add another “Formatter by Zapier” action step and set it up like above, only this time choose “Last” as your Segment Index to return the last name from the Hello Bar name field.

Now we’re ready to add BenchmarkONE as our final action step in our zap.

Choose your action step. In this case, since you’re adding new leads from Hello Bar to BenchmarkONE, “Create/Update a Contact.” Then, connect to your BenchmarkONE account.

Now you’re ready to set up the template. Decide if you would like to update existing BenchmarkONE contacts or not and choose Yes or No.

Then, on to the “Email” field. Click the “Email Address” option and you’ll see choices from the three previous steps you have set up:

  1. Hello Bar New Subscriber

  2. Text

  3. Text

We want the email address field to come directly from the Hello Bar New Subscriber trigger. So click the Hello Bar dropdown and choose email.

You are also required to associate the email type field with the email address. For example, if you’re capturing business email addresses, choose “work.”

The next required field is “Contact Status.” Choose the BenchmarkONE contact status you want applied to you contacts being imported from your Hello Bar optin.

Now on to First Name and Last Name. While these are not required fields, you’ll most likely want to pull them in from Hello Bar.

Click the First Name field. Again you’ll see the options to pull from the Hello Bar New Subscriber, the first text formatter and the second text formatter. Choose the first text formatter and select the “Name” field. If you have test data, you will see that it only contains the first name from the Hello Bar name field.

Complete the same process for Last Name.

The rest of the BenchmarkONE fields are optional, and you can complete them in the way that makes the most sense from the data you’re capturing from Hello Bar.

Bonus Tip: Tagging

Add a tag to new Hello Bar contacts to help segment and trigger actions in BenchmarkONE.

For example, if you want your Hello Bar optin to add contacts to your monthly newsletter, add a tag like “Monthly Newsletter” to help you pull that list easily in BenchmarkONE.

Or, if you want your Hello Bar optin to send contacts a resource, you can add a tag like “website resource” to your contact through Zapier.

Then, back in BenchmarkONE, create a sequence such as:

When the “website resource” tag = 1, send the web resource email template to the contact.

You can use tag score sequence in many ways, including to send autoresponders, start campaigns, update contact records and more, making this Hello Bar-to-BenchmarkONEzap super versatile and powerful.

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